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Responding to Online Criticism
[2008-10-01] It's interesting how issues seem to come at you in waves. Some are like rolling thunder beginning as far back as you can see from the shore. Others are like sneaker waves, crashing over you and knocking you down with full force.

Convince Your Sales Force to Use SFA
[2008-09-02] Here are several excerpts from an article by Rick Cook, Convincing Your Sales Force to Use SFA. About the only thing I'd add is that I believe that it's critical that representatives from the sales organization, (both management and staff) be integrally involved in the SFA technology selection process.

Entrepreneur Guide to Startup Hiring
[2008-07-14] I recently came across an article in Entrepreneur magazine that talks about startup hiring mistakes.

How to Manage Cost and Schedule Performance
[2008-06-30] To monitor and control the costs, schedule and technical performance of the project team.

Interesting Qualities of a Community Manager
[2008-06-16] I mentioned in Part 1 that community managers require a broad range of experience and wear a lot of hats in the course of their jobs.

Community Manager's Evolving Role
[2008-05-29] Community managers like hats. And that's a good thing - because they wear several.

Convincing Busy People Corporate Blogging Is Worth It
[2008-05-13] I joined Cadence Design Systems a little over a month ago as the company's social media/Web community manager.

The Future Managers Of Enterprise 2.0
[2008-04-17] Phew!! Finally! Last week I got the chance, at last, to go through and digest, quite intensively, one of the best reads I have gone through in months around the subject of Social Computing within the Enterprise.

Job Requirements Are Out Of Control
[2008-03-31] The flip side to the "Please do not Lie on your Resume" article is the "Out of control job requirements" that some people put up on sites like Dice, Monster, or on their own sites.

The Good and The Bad of Hiring SEOs
[2008-03-10] As a growing mid-sized online marketing agency, TopRank has had opportunities to interview well over a 100 people for various search engine optimization and internet marketing positions. We've been fortunate to hire and develop an amazing team of professionals. We've also experienced the flip side.

Press Release Definition
[2008-02-18] Richard McManus recounts an email exchange with Business Wire in which the news distribution service said companies and marketers can use Business Wire to bypass journalists and bloggers to get into key news sources like Techmeme and search engine results.

Nearly Everything is Getting Cheaper Except Marketing
[2008-01-28] Open source content management solutions like Drupal get more powerful each day. But everyone has access to it.

Technology Use in Small Business
[2008-01-14] Tech ‘Solutions' Your Small Biz Can't Use...

50% of Agency Relationships Last Less Than 2 Years
[2007-12-28] Research shows that half of the agency/client relationships out there last less than two years. This is from a sample of about 140 companies with an annual marketing spend of at least $2 million, including Citibank, General Mills, IBM, GE, and ESPN.

Forgetful Micromanaging
[2007-12-10] Sometimes you run into management that is an interesting mix of styles if not a weird almost contradictory management style like the forgetful micromanager.

Skills Can Be Taught, Personality is Forever
[2007-12-03] "Skills can be taught, personality is forever".

Are You Too Smart For Your Own Good?
[2007-11-19] Recently Andy Hagans sent me a link to a 1924 article titled Why I Never Hire Brilliant Men, which has a couple killer quotes in it.

Screening Interviews & Culling Resumes
[2007-11-05] One of the best things you can do when trying to fill a position is to do a screening interview. What I am seeing as I go through the screening interviews is that many folks are misrepresenting their skills on paper, and that means they would be chewed up in an interview.

Management Mistake - Playing Favorites
[2007-10-22] Few bad management practices can destroy office morale faster than a manager who plays favourites.

Managing by Embarassment
[2007-10-05] In my speaking engagements, I often talk about my experience working at, a huge Web site any way you slice it-millions of pages, dozens of languages, over 90 countries, thousands of people.

Dark Blogs: Bad Idea for Crisis Communication
[2007-09-25] More and more, I hear communicators counsel their organizations and clients to maintain a "dark blog" in the wings, ready to be activated in the event of a crisis.

Long Distance Employees
[2007-09-04] Virtual companies are now part of the mainstream business landscape.

Business Disaster Management
[2007-08-20] Disaster can strike a business at any time. Crises can range all the way from failed shipments and lost accounts to natural events like hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes.

Managers and Lousy Internal Communication
[2007-08-06] It will come as no surprise to anybody who has ever held a job that managers are often lousy communicators.

Eliminate Employee Reluctance to Suggest Ideas
[2007-07-23] One of my pet peeves in the office is walking out into the main work area and asking a question meant for everyone, only to have it met with resounding silence.

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