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Top 10 Qualities Of A Great Recruiter

By Razlan Manjaji
Expert Author
Article Date: 2004-06-28

As human resources professional professionals worldwide can easily testify, the employment and career industry is growing faster than ever. Employment agencies, or what we call as "third party recruiter", are flooding the market, all offering you "customized solution" and "unparallel service".

But just how good some of these recruiters are? How can you be assured that your recruitment investment goes to the best in the market? Here's a checklist for you to assess your recruiter and see if they make the mark!

Does your recruiter deliver top quality candidates promptly and within budget? A strong recruiter delivers result consistently and always on schedule, earning the respect from both clients and candidates.

Does your recruiter understand or uses job description and position requirements in the candidate search process? The best job fit is only possible through strong, in-depth understand what you need in your candidates. In fact, your recruiter should know hiring needs as good as your hiring manager, and uses all kind of performance needs knowledge to assess, close and influence everyone involved in the search.

Does your recruiter use at-the-edge sourcing tools to hunt for the best candidates? Your recruiter should always deliver to the bottom line - that is, to use whatever means necessary to build a pool of highly qualified candidates in the shortest time possible. He or she should be extremely proficient in using high-tech tools to deliver you the best candidates possible.

Does your recruiter network to find top candidates, using high-touch direct sourcing technique? Most of us know that the best candidate is, and should be, happily employed and not actively seeking new employment. The best recruiter, in turn, must be in the best networks of people to build a pipeline of top candidates through referral initiatives.

Does your recruiter manage all search activities efficiently? Recruiters in large organizations need to manage many job requests from different hiring managers at any one time. Therefore, the competent recruiter should not only be a great multi-tasker and able to obtain needed resources effectively, he or she should also be competent in using array of tools to manage recruiting work in a fast-paced environment

Does your recruiter use job market expertise to improve results? In-depth market knowledge is the key for optimal result in your recruitment work. Highly regarded recruiters are experts who know every facet of the job market, and proactively learn new trends and emerging best practices. Such recruiters are often seen as a strategic partner and yours should be an advisor to you.

Does your recruiter work closely with your hiring managers? If your recruiter falls short in being as knowledgeable as your hiring managers, he or she should work very closely with them for maximum recruiting efficiency. A great recruiter is often seen as a "coach", helping hiring managers making hiring decisions and able to influence the whole search process.

Does your recruiter manage candidates' needs throughout the process? Overzealous recruiters can be too focused on sales - they tend to "suck-up" to their clients so much that the other party in the process - the candidates - are often neglected. What makes a good recruiter stands out is that he or she not only attend to the clients' need but influence and advises candidates as well. The best recruiters are often seen as career advisor by many top candidates.

Does your recruiter accurately interview and assess candidate competencies? In today's competitive employment market, active job seekers are always a handful and at times it is very difficult to differentiate the good ones from the bad. Therefore, a thorough assessment on your candidates is essential to ensure job fit. A good recruiter is one that initiates and manages effective assessment using a variety of tools. He or she always should be confident that the results are very accurate and insightful.

Does your recruiter work with your team to coordinate all search activities? A strong recruiter is one that is very proactive to initiate team action. Often, he or she supports and even train others in your team to improve your recruitment process results. Many HR professionals look upon the best recruiters as advisor in their search process.

So, does your recruiter live up to the mark? If not, it is time to share your insights with him or her, or perhaps you should start looking somewhere else!

About the Author:
Razlan Manjaji is the web editor for EnergySkills, a professional engineering recruitment and career services firm for the oil & gas industry. To subscribe to their monthly newsletter, send him an email at with the subject "newsletter". Visit their website at for career opportunities and more information on EnergySkills.

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Top 10 Qualities of a Great Recruiter